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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review: Can This Guide Help To Treat The Locked Hips?

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review aims to enlighten the reader about the Unlock Your Hip Flexor program. The program claims to treat the locked or tight hips, which are becoming the most common problem every day, resulting in the Bulging belly syndrome, Fat-loss inhibitor, and lack of sexual performance. 

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors review does not aim to promote the program by providing fault information about the Unlock Your Hip Flexor program. The entire unlock you hip flexor review helps you with program details, methods, pros and cons, bonuses, and how it works. So the readers can decide to choose the program or avoid it.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Overview

Product TitleUnlock Your Hip Flexors
AuthorMike Westerdal & Rick Kaselj
Official WebsiteClick Here


  • Natural Formula
  • No heavy dose of medicines
  • No Side Effects
  • Inexpensive
  • Money back guarantee

What is Hip Flexors?

The human body achieves flexibility through the muscles. The muscle which is responsible for the flexibility for thigh moving towards the chest associates two types of muscles such as

  • The iliac and psoas muscles, which is also known as your iliopsoas,
  • And, the rectus femoris, that belongs to the part of quadriceps

Both the muscles are collectively known as Hip Flexors. The Hip Flexors makes the waist bend and helps to bring the knee towards the chest. Overusing these muscles makes them and tendons connecting the bone and muscle strain.

The Habits That make the Hip Flexor Damage

Sitting, Inactivity and bad postures tend to improve the Hip Flexor damage. Not just, the person who remains sane will get the Hip Flexor damage problems. This damage may even occur due to the bad form during exercises and overstaining the Hip flexor muscles. So even the fit and active people to athletes are also prone to hip flexor damage.

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About Unlock Your Hip Flexor Program

When you have symptoms like back pain, numbness, stiffness, or tingling in the back, it may be due to the Locked Hip flexor or tight hip flexor. Having the tight Hip flexor may end up in the following health hazards like,

According to Unlock Your Hip Flexors review, a decrease in sleep, making the person weak and laziness to do any work, unable to lose the tummy even after exercising hard, and pain in back, thigh, and legs.

Most of the time, diagnosing the damage in the Hip flexor is also challenging due to the muscles lying deep inside the core. So unlocking such muscle by stretching alone is possible. Finding and fixing the psoas muscle by training that muscle alone requires expert acquaintance. One such program for treating the Hip Flexor tightness is composed by the expert, leading Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist Rick Kaselj, MS.

The other programs, generally found in the YouTube, include mild everyday stretches and claims to be treated the locked hip flexor. Unlike those programs, Rick has perfect features in the Unlock you Hip Flexor guide that rule out the problem through simple and effective exercises.

The Unlock your hip flexors 10 exercises concentrate on the hard-to-reach psoas muscle, without any purchase of gym membership or exercise machines. The Hip flexor exercises DVD and Unlock your hip flexors manual Pdf, purchasing this combo is just enough to know and implement the advanced hip flexor secrets by Rick.

As per several Unlock Your Hip Flexors reviews, the Unlock your Hip Flexor program is one in the list of Amazon Choice

Features of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Guide

Unlock Your Hip Flexor Guide has instructions that are suitable for all the ages. The routines require a small amount of space and a wall. Rick's program is not just performing the exercise regularly, performing them in the given sequence is also equally important.

By doing as per the sequence, not just quick relief from the stubborn pain, attaining flexibility and improving the core strength is also possible. Follow are the features in this Unlock Your Hip Flexors review.







These features are highly effective when followed based on the sequence mentioned in the program.

Pros and Cons of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Book


Hip flexor exercises DVD has exercise routines that regularly relieve the body from several health hazards due to an inactive lifestyle that most of us are following nowadays. 

  • The hard to reach muscles are mostly unknown to anyone. Rick explains step by step instructions that anyone can understand how to reach the psoas muscles.
  • Bringing in positive changes in physical, mental, and spiritual health in the body by fixing the mighty muscles. Simple steps can bring in the massive change in the body and mind. 
  • Suitable for the people who are being a couch potato, or people who drive long for work or sit for long hours.
  • Unlock Your Hip Flexors review says that, A minimum of 10 to 15 minutes of workout helps to improve metabolism, digestion, sleep, and overall health.
  • It improves the awareness about the importance of the core strength.
  • The program is a low cost, most effective, and less time-consuming.
  • The Unlock Your Hip Flexor has the return policy also.
  • Loosening the tight hips improves the blood flow, in turn, results in increased sexual pleasure.  
  • Improves the mobility of the body. So, the body can perform better in sports or any other day to day activities without any sourness in the body.
  • To improve the overall health of the body, the flexible hip is the key. As already mentioned in the Unlock your Hip Flexor review, it helps to achieve with perfect and easy sequences of exercise routine.
  • It increases efficiency while doing workouts in the gym. So, you can enjoy the most health benefits that you get by doing the hard workouts.
  • Improves sleep quality and hence reduces stress.


A few of the Cons of the Unlock your Hip flexor program are as follows 

  • The program is available only in digital format.
  • People use to expect mail delivery having a manual and the DVD, but on ordering the program, you can access the steps online only.
  • If you need a physical copy, download the Unlock your hip flexor manual Pdf and take a print out.
  • There are two videos; 20 minutes video is with an explanation. The routine to be followed every day has no explanations.
  • It is better to follow the videos online comparing the Pdf as per Unlock Your Hip Flexors review.
  • You have to follow the instructions carefully on your own. If you are wrong in the postures, you do not have any trainers around to correct you. The wrong postures cannot give you the expected results.

Main advantages of Unlock Your Hip Flexors PDF

There are several benefits of unlocking hip flexors like

  • Improving the weight loss for the people who work out for long hours and still unable to lose weight or reduce the tummy.
  • The hidden problem that is unknown for several people has come to the lights. Rick had brought up the most suitable and easy routine to fix the problem.
  • Several other Unlock your Hip Flexors reviews in the official site help to understand the fact, how this program replaced the surgical condition with simple exercise routines.
  • There are several bedridden patients around the world at their old ages due to a problem in their hip. Without any medication or surgical procedure, the program aims to fix the problem in the root cause.
  • Suitable for patients who are suffering from early-stage to strong stage of Arthritic in the hip and Ankylosing Spondylitis.
  • Even after trying for a long period in weight lifting, if you are not able to see the progress in it, this program is the only solution.
  • For consulting Rick, he would charge $300, for a session. By ordering the Unlock your Hip Flexors review online, the full-length program with additional bonuses is accessible for the price less than 2 coffees.
  • If you want a physical copy, Ordering in Amazon can help you get it.
  • If you want the Unlock you hip flexor program for the discounted price, visit the official site and order soon.

About Unlock Your Hip Flexors Creator

The program is created by Rick Kaselj, MS. He is a popular guy, being a part of the Critical Bench, coupling with Mike Westerdal created this program, popularly known as Critical bench Unlock Your Hip Flexors. Later, Rick decided to take the program to the next level and to reach many. So he came up with the Unlock your Hip Flexor program accessible throughout the world.

Rick does not look like a trainer in the gym; he does not have highly toned muscles or abs. He just looks like a guy next door, easy to approach and learn the techniques. He is a popular Injury specialist, and his work has good recognition around the country. Rick's Unlock your Hip flexor is seen in several health magazines and media like San Francisco Chronicle, Canada.com, Iron man magazine, and so on. 

Why Unlock Your Hip Flexors is Useful?

Unlock Your Hip Flexor helps to improve the individual's health in all the possible ways. There are several other programs in the market, focus on stretching exercises, those may be useful, but require practice in the long run. To reach out to the deep-lying muscle, the regular gym trainers might fail. But certified Injury specialists and experts in the field of Kinesiology like Rick can handle it for sure.        

On YouTube, you can find so many videos related to the same problem. Several other programs are also available throughout the world, which is composed of a sequence of workouts by former athletes. They are not certified practitioners or the people who are well aware of the human body. Several people will not be aware of the psoas muscles.

In this Unlock Your Hip Flexors review, It is said that Without knowing the root cause, those programs claim to fix the issues. But, Rick is a guy, who is well aware of the root cause and treats the problem from there. So weighing the Unlock Your Hip Flexor scales higher than the other programs in the market. That is the main reason behind the popularity of the program within a short period.

Is Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program a Scam?

On checking on the physique of Rick Kaselj, anyone might think about getting training under Rick. It is normal for any human to consider the program a scam because of people who tried out several other programs and failed to achieve the fitness they needed. Some factors that Unlock your hip flexor review wants to highlight that make us vote in favor of the Unlock Your Hip Flexor program. 

  • Rick and Mike are very popular guys in the field of fitness. These guys are popular in applying science to every fitness instruction they provide.
  • Several other Unlock your Hip Flexors reviews have highlighted the positive opinion and several benefits after going through this program.
  • The cost of the most effective program from the most popular guys in the field. Besides offering the best price, the return policy for 60 days proves that the program aims to be more affordable and useful to its users.
  • The Videos about the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program on YouTube and the features mentioned here in this Unlock Your Hip Flexors review are proof for the program applying science in the first place.

These factors prove that the program Unlock Your Hip Flexor is not a scam.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors program

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Bonuses

The program besides doing an amazing job on fixing the health issues provides other attractive and useful bonuses explained in this Unlock Your Hip Flexors review are as follows

  • Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings - The key to a healthy back and perfect posture worth $29. The simple 1-minute routine helps to loosen the hamstring muscles. Due to sitting for a long time, the tightening in the hamstrings possible for anyone, prolonged tightening results in tear, causing lower back pain, and poor posture. This bonus helps to fix these problems and improves the overall health.
  • The Seven Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet - Automatically heals the body through the right food worth $17. The body gets exposed to inflammation due to several reasons like environmental toxins and physical injury. To treat the inflammation, the Unlock Your Hip Flexors has physical therapy. To enjoy the health benefits soon and to alleviate pain, stiffness, and soreness, combining the right food with the right exercise becomes inevitable. This bonus list down the right food featuring diet recommendations, supplement tips, shopping lists, and meal plans. Holding the inflammation in the body for a long time can end up in chronic conditions. By following the 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory diet plan, healing the inflammation soon and getting relief from the pain is possible in less time.

Click here to access the program worth $50 and a bonus worth $ 36 for just $10 by ordering using the official site


End note of Unlock Your Hip Flexors review - We live in the era, where technology is replacing human effort. And humans focusing on improving the nuances of technology. Almost every field is moving towards automation seeking less involvement of humans. As a result, humans apply the brain a lot in every work and no work for the body or mind. The increased stress and pressure to achieve in the competitive world is a huge threat to the human's physical and mental health.

After taking the body for granted for a prolonged period, the stiffness in mind and body becomes inevitable. The outcome of this situation may turn fatal as the ages pass by. So, the program like Unlock Your Hip Flexors has come to rescue. This is the more suitable program for the youngsters, as they focus more time on work, having only a limited amount of time to focus on their bodies. When you plan 15 minutes a day for your health, it helps you to avoid the bedridden state in the old age. If you feel like you are having a stiff hip, it is time to act now.

 The Unlock your Hip Flexor reviews rates the program high due to the explosion in the energy level that the program tends to bring in the body. The reduced cost spends, in return, the amazing results make the program more attractive. Considering all the pros and cons of the program, this Unlock Your Hip Flexors review recommends the program to the readers. It also declares that nowhere such simple and effective sequences for recovering the back pain are available.


Why does the cost of the program vary in the Amazon site and official site?

Is purchasing through the official site is safe?

Are there any questions asked, if I wish to return the product?

Can people over the age of 60 use this program?

I am planning to order the product through Amazon. Are there any additional charges?

Dr. Shin Fen Chow is an American Board of internal medicine certified doctor and a dedicated and diligent internist serving the community of West Orange. Dr. Chow obtained her medical degree from the University of Columbia and then completed her residency in internal medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. She is a part of BHMG- center for Asian health and received many awards and scholarships like Dr. Charles F. Hamilton award in pulmonary medicine and Mead university scholarship from Columbia University in 1991 and 1987 respectively.

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