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Shungite Healing Properties- Benefits Of The Powerful Stone!

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Stones are in great numbers and the stone that we are going to discuss is a bettable piece of wonder that has obscure secrets that you are about to know. Shungite is a powerful stone that has been used since ancient times. The unique stone was found first by a scientist more than a century ago in Russia, Shunga and later named the stone as Shungite after the village. Shungite constitutes around 86.43% carbon, 18% sodium, 1.33% magnesium, 3.17% silicon, 1.09% sulphur, 0.22% chloride, .95% potassium, 5.33% calcium, 1.06% iron and 0.2% copper. It is the oldest of all stones that were found some 2 billion years ago. The stone is a black mineraloid that has 98% of carbon concentration in its highest grade.

People hail Shungite as a very powerful stone that does magical interventions with our life and provides clarity to everything. It can heal all the living organisms on this planet.  Before talking further about the Shungite, let me tell you about fullerenes. Fullerenes are orbicular molecules in the Shungite stone consisting of carbon and other minerals.

These molecules are of various sizes and shapes and are considered as the only mineral that has fullerenes on this planet. Shungite has a lot of uniqueness that makes it a stand out mineral that can turn around negativity to positivity. The Shungite is an orbicular stone that helps us to purify all the impurities from your body. The Shungite stone opens a gateway towards spirituality and positivity. The stone is claimed to have properties to purify your body, charge energy to your body, protect the body from outside particles, recover damages and stabilizes health.

When you are in the market searching for Shungite stone that could squeeze out all the unwanted pathogenic substances from your body, then you should know that there are 3 types of Shungite stones that you can choose from. Shungite Type 1, Shungite Type 2 and Type 3 are the three common types that could readily be found in the market.

 The 4th one does not exist as it is a dupe one, more of a spurious stone that disguised as Shungite but that does not have any magical powers but might look exactly like the genuine Shungite. So make sure you do not fall for the fake ones.

Shungite Products

With Shungite, there are a lot of products available in the market to give you better benefits.

  • A cell phone holder or back case can repel all the electromagnetic waves from the phone to the brain.
  • Shungite flooring sanitary that will save you from a possible electric shock and also detoxifies your device radiations
  • Pocket size Shungite stone will help you remove all the negativity from your body while you travel. It also saves your body from a possible cancerous environment.
  • Using the stone as an artificial scrubber will help you get the toxicity out of your life. More precisely, it is like the suckerfish you leave in an aquarium to clean up the dirt. We can drop the Shungite stone in the bathtub or water you are going to bath in. The only difference is that the dirt we are dealing with in our life are intangible and the Shungite stone will give us relief in life.

Different Types of Shungite Stones


 Shungite of Type 1

This kind of Shungite is considered as elite or noble Shungite that is the purest of its kind constituting about 98% of carbon. This type of material is a shiny metallic black complexion that does not allow itself to be shaped or cut into pieces. This purest Shungite is the best solution to clean you up inside out. You can find the highest concentration of fullerenes in the Noble or elite Shungite stone which is purer.


Shungite of Type 2

This type of Shungite is hard too but brittle enough with up to a maximum amount of  70% carbon content. Since this is brittle, you can shape it in any form you wish and does not pose many difficulties in carving and sculpting it the way you want. It is mostly used for making jewellery and sculptures. The Shungite Type 2 stone has a matte black appearance until you polish it to give it that extraordinary look. It is commonly known as the Black Shungite.


Shungite of Type 3

This type of Shungite is called as Shungite rock or grey Shungite. It only contains a maximum of 50% carbon content. The abundance of fullerenes will be further reduced in the Shungite Type 3 stone. Since the Shungite Type 1 constitutes only 1 % of the total Shungites, the elite stones are scarce. Thus it is considered as a very expensive mineral. So you will need to find positivity through the Shungite stones according to its availability. meanwhile, you can use the bracelets, rings and pendants that are made with the Shungite Type 2 stones.


Artificial Shungites

Duplicate or inferior quality Shungites are available in the market that is claimed to be authentic. They are cromulent materials that only look like the real Shungite but does not have the qualities of Shungite 1, Shungite 2 or Shungite 3 stones. Appearance may deceive you and you could fall for the beautiful words of the seller. Make sure an authentic data is stating that the stone is real. Make sure you buy the real Shungite stone to feel and experience the benefits of your current life, enjoying every moment. So when you choose to buy Shungite, bracelets, rings, bangles pendants or jewellery of any sort, assure yourself that it is authentic and the jewellery does not pose any threat to the skin causing allergies.

Healing Properties of Shungite

Shungite stones have a lot of healing benefits that could help you turn your life around from negativity into positivity. So, let’s discuss the healing properties of Shungite.

  • Shungite is for EMF

In this modern world, we are surrounded by sophisticated machines and devices that transmit frequencies.Most of the people do not have enough knowledge about the consequences that these electromagnetic force can bring to one's life. Our work runs on these devices and a life without most of these gadgets are simply unimaginable. Devices like smartphones, WIFI routers, laptops, microwaves etc create a large amount of these waves.

With Shungite stone solving this issue is possible.Our energy field gets penetrated through by the electromagnetic waves that create havoc by weakening our blood cells. This penetration would gradually result in destruction and imbalance in our body functioning.To solve this health alarming issues, it would be optimal to keep the Shungite stone in our home we live in, either near the laptop or wifi router or possibly in a place where there are more devices kept that has a probability to interfere with our healthy functioning.

Thus the stone can neutralize such unwanted frequencies that feed on our health. Thus, you can solve these heavy frequencies without stopping the use of these devices that has been creating a negative force field at your home.

Taking precautions from EMF

  • A rise in the use of electronic products has led towards negativity and a bad health condition among both young and elderlies. If you are using a mobile phone then carrying a Shungite stone, whether you have it on your customized phone case or a keychain that you always carry along with you is recommended, It is obvious that you will be carrying your phone with you as mobile phones have become the most important part of human life. This Shungite stone will keep you safe from the negativity of EMF from the device.
  • Since the use of smart bands and watches are on a rise, you could use a traditional bracelet made of Shungite stones to defend from the negative frequencies emitted from the electronic device.
  • If you have heard of the Shiungite pyramids, then you were right about it. The Shungite stones carved in the shape of pyramids could help you neutralize the negative electromagnetic frequencies and convert them into positive waveforms. All you have to do is place it near the laptop you use or a device that you have always been using. It would be perfect if you placed it near the  WIFI router.
  • Shungite purifies water

Each day goes by, the purity of the water we drinkis being diminished. Many countries have been facing a big threat without getting enough water supply for drinking and other primary requirements. South Africa is a fine example. To help your body sustain energy for your life, you will need a lot of minerals in your body to improve the overall functioning of the body. The Shungite stone is loaded with many essential minerals like carbon, sodium, magnesium, silicon, sulphur, chloride, potassium, calcium, iron and copper. To have all these minerals in one shot is never going to be a possibility until the Shungite stone was discovered and all of these minerals have health benefits. Immersing the Shungite stone in the water you drink will add all these minerals naturally from the stone. These elements are meant to help you with a lot of benefits. The mind will be refreshed and you will start experiencing a better grasping power and focus. This stone will recharge your energy, purifies the water and keeps a well-balanced level of the water you drink. It would be a very strained task to find all these minerals individually and add them to your diet.

Water purification means it can purify any water. The water that you fill in your bathtub can be purified so that free radicals will be wiped out of that water and also from your skin. Even if the water is chlorinated, you will have a defence mechanism working behind to protect your from the side effects if there is Shungite stone used for purification.

  • Shungite is a Meditation stone

People have been finding ways to bring them inner peace, tranquillity and soulfulness by getting rid of negativity and bringing back their positivity that was lost. The grounding stone has been best known for resolving the issues creating trouble to your inner aura.

The Shungite stone will stimulate your mind and brain to provide that right balance of positivity to your body.  Each of the minerals has its own properties to keep you healthier each day. Start meditating with the meditation stone Shungite and experience the best changes your body may go through.The Shungite will overwhelm you with its stress removing features that can help you avoid any unwanted damage to health. There won't be any more anxiety-filled days that will have to go through.

  • Using Shungite Stoner as ajewellery.

Using the Shungite stone will be of a great challenge. Your body will be shielded by the Shungite protection and there will be a long time negatively stopped to bring peace into your life. There are a lot of Shungite materials available for use and they will and encircle you with positive vibes that would help you embrace a fresh start. Using Shungite rings.

  • With Shungite, you are grounded

The stone will restore your connection with the mother earth. The Shungite is known to cure your chakras. You will heal all your incompetence in life and restore your chakra with an abundance of positive vibes. Thus the Shungite stone is regarded as a catalyst stone that can bolster growth and positivity within one's life.

Key features of Shungite Stones

  • Having antioxidants in the Shungite stone keeps it a reliable solution for regulating oxidation in our body. This will help the body from free radicals that are toxic and can create a great deal of damage both internally and externally.
  • It is used for cosmetic treatment to clear the skin by removing toxins and dead cells. These antioxidants will help our body from outside allergens by strengthening our immune system functioning.
  • To neutralize the stressed, depressed and doleful mind is another feature of this magical carbonic stone. This will heal the human mind bringing out the peaceful life, a life that was hidden deep inside because the negativity shone above all the good things. You will be happy with a spiritual mind and the stone will do its work behind. A proper balance of the left hemisphere and right hemisphere of the body and brain will be stabilized and you can have no more worries deciding a thing and focusing on deciding it.
  • A ground healing feature is meant to save you from any electrical energy that could harm you through the ground of any short circuit from the switchboard or electric equipment that are not functioning properly. It also saves you from a possible cancerous death through radiations emitted from devices that carry negativity.
  • Any kind of inflammations can be cured faster and injuries through accidents can be healed with the help of this magical stone.
  • After the dead cells are cleared by the minerals in the Shungite, you will have new cells regenerated to make your skin clearer. You will also avoid any ageing problems and people will tend to guess your age wrongly.
  • A cleansing agent to filter out toxins, hard metals, chemicals and any other free radicals found in the water. This will boost the body to function well and you will turn to be healthier than ever 
  • Since the stone gives you tranquillity and peace, you do not have to take any more stress in life. You can live within a calming life cycle repeatedly without an interrupted dolefulness or depression. All your stressful days are gone. Your nerves have started to relax the entire system. Thus the release of stress hormone cortisol will be blocked releasing into the bloodstream from the adrenal gland. Thus the energy your body wanted will be able to achieve and perform activities for the body.


The final decision has been made. All we need is a peaceful mind that will lead to a happy life. You will claim a healthy life and there won't be any burdened thought that your mind has to suffocate with. The Shungite magical stone is the real saviour stone that reassures you with next-level happiness. Stop fuming on silly and disturbing thoughts and talks. You can use the Shungite stone to restart your life and regain your lost identity. You can live in the bliss of solitude to solve your life that cannot be judged or controlled by others. Entice only the positivity that you had lacked in life. You will never have to fear or be involved in a fray. Stay healthy and be there for good activities in life.

Dr. Julia Hermos is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, an organization that seeks to develop doctors’ interpersonal skills and a Bariatric physician. She received her medical degree from the State University of Newyork. Dr. Hermos has a master’s degree in education and was a teacher for many years. Now she joined the Medical counsel team to provide effective communication through her articles and reviews. She encourages her patients to ask questions on their queries. So feel free to go through the articles in this blog and share your thoughts using the comment section available in all pages.

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