Myths And Facts About Novel Coronavirus To Be Aware Of!

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The pandemic coronavirus has proven as a huge threat to the whole world. With the spread of the same, it has proven fatal and detrimental not only to human lives but also to animals as well as economies.

Corona Virus Facts V.S Myths

As the coronavirus has infected millions of people across the world, several theories are floating about this new virus. One who wants to find some facts about this pandemic may come across much information that he feels tough to find it true or false.

Myths And Facts About Novel Coronavirus To Be Aware Of

Most of the myths are spread through social media, and many people take the wrong decisions based on such myths. In the interest of society as well as individuals, it is necessary to bust the myths. In this article, we try to bust some of the common myths about coronavirus.

Fact: Many people do not understand the complete benefits of using spirit or alcohol in the medical field and believe that using them on the body will kill coronavirus. Some even go to the extent of believing that consuming alcohol can kill the virus inside the body. This is a big myth, and the fact is that spraying alcohol or disinfectant is done only to kill the virus on the surface. Remember that the virus gets into the body through the mucus membrane and alcohol cannot kill the virus that has already entered the body through mouth, nose and eyes.

Fact: When the virus first arrived, many people thought that it would not survive in hot and humid weather conditions. However, as the virus started spreading across the world, surviving different weather conditions, it became clear that there is no correlation between weather conditions and the spread of viruses. Even in a hot and humid country like India, the virus has spread across every state affecting many people. Hence one must not believe that it cannot spread in hot areas. There can be no better option than preventing it in all possible manners.

Fact: This myth became popular as many people believed that coronavirus is similar to other viruses that cause common flu and common cold-like symptoms. Using spicy food with garlic and turmeric can no doubt provide some relief from common cold symptoms. It may also boost your immunity to some extent. However, this is no match for the coronavirus, and you should not depend on home remedies to treat this disease. As soon as you notice any symptoms, make sure to get in touch with your nearest COVID health centre to get timely treatment. Remember that late detection can even cause death in many cases.

Fact: While it is true that most people suffering from coronavirus only need symptomatic treatment, there is no cure for this disease yet. Work is going on towards developing a vaccine by many countries across the world. However, there is still no cure for this disease, and you have to take this seriously as it has already killed many people across the globe. Even though it may not cause many problems in otherwise healthy individuals, it has the potential to create a lot of complications in people who are already suffering from diabetes, heart problems and other chronic ailments.

Fact: Many people equated coronavirus to a bio war kind of thing. However, scientists across the world have now confirmed that this is not a man-made one. The virus has existed in bats for many years, and it has somehow got transmitted to humans. Many such viruses have taken a similar route and got transmitted from animals to humans since ages. In this regard, coronavirus is nothing new, and it is behaving like any other virus.


Fact: Many people believe that using hot water with lemon and other spicy ingredients can kill coronavirus. However, there is no proof to use this as a remedy. You can try this along with the other treatment given by your doctor. You should never trust such home remedies when you are dealing with a deadly virus like corona.

Fact: this is completely false. The coronavirus has taken the lives of many young and otherwise healthy people. Many doctors and medical professionals have also succumbed to this disease. In this regard, it is clear that coronavirus can affect people of any age group. However, in terms of mortality rate, it is high among older people. This trend is evident across the world wherein most of the deaths due to this disease are among older adults who are also suffering from other health conditions.

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