Leptitox Review – How Will This Detox Pill Help You To Deal With Obesity?

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Leptitox supplement is created by Morgan Hurst as a natural solution for obesity. In this in-depth Leptitox review I will answer questions that many of you would have in mind – like what is Leptitox and how it can help you combat the problems of obesity? Needless to say, we will also look at the science behind the supplement and its effectiveness for people looking for a safe detox supplement.

Do you have unwanted food cravings too often which causes you to overeat? Have you been trying hard to control your appetite, but you are unable to reach your weight goals? Are you finding it hard to work out regularly? For every person, the reason for weight gain is considered to be unique. But what if I told you that there is one similarity among most people suffering from obesity. 

Leptitox Overview

Leptitox review
Product Name Leptitox
Ingredients Natural & Proven Ingredients
Administration Route Oral
Alcohol Warning No Restriction
Side Effects No Major Side Effects
Price $59(Click here to Check the Discounted Price)
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here


  • Natural Formula
  • Fast results
  • No Side Effects
  • Inexpensive
  • Money back guarantee

There are certain toxins which we consume almost every day, which leads to an imbalance in our hormones. Not only does this hormonal imbalance affect how our body functions normally, it also affects how we gain weight. Leptitox claims to have found a way to address this problem with the help of natural ingredients.

Let us find out through this Leptitox review whether this detox supplement is actually as good as the Leptitox customer reviews say or not.

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About Leptitox Detox Pills

The Leptitox detox pills have been created by Morgan Hurst with the help of Dr. Sonya Rhodes, who is an independent medical researcher. The ingredients used in the pills were discovered when Morgan Hurst was visiting Malaysia. Leptitox review says that he found these ingredients were used by the locals to improve their appetite and avoid the unwanted build-up of fat.

With the help of research and studies, Hurst identified that leptin resistance stemmed from the presence of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, also known as EDCs, in our bodies. The problem is that EDCs are present in the bodies of most of the people suffering from obesity. Based on the levels of EDC present in your body, you may suffer from varying amounts of food cravings and hunger pangs.

A single Leptitox dosage includes a rich supplement of different natural ingredients, which can reduce the toxicity levels of EDC in your body. The pill intends to flush out unwanted toxins, which make you feel hungry and increase your food cravings. Additionally as per Leptitox review, It also intends to improve your organ functions by restoring your body’s ability to feel full after you have had a meal.

Manufactured in FDA approved and GMP certified facilities, the Leptitox supplements are basically a means of flushing out EDCs and supporting your body to regain its normal functions so that your BP, blood sugar levels and heart is healthier than before. 

The pill includes appetite suppressants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, which help your body lose weight naturally without having to give up on your regular meals. It helps you avoid over-eating because you feel full after a meal and do not have to depend on additional food for your energy requirements.

About Leptitox Manufacturer

Leptitox is manufactured by Leptitox Nutrition. The website does not mention the address of the registered office, but the returns address is located in Centennial, Colorado. The website has a contact number and an email address where you can contact the manufacturers for further information about the product. Leptitox review will be incomplete without mentioning about Morgan Hurst, who is known to be the man behind the product is only a common man with no medical background.

He was looking for a way to combat obesity because his wife had grown extremely obese. That is when he came across the Leptitox ingredients. Morgan took the help of Sonya Rhodes who is an independent medical researcher. She, along with Morgan created the proprietary blend of 22 natural ingredients which are now sold as Leptitox.

What is Leptin Hormone?

The Leptin hormone is considered to be the master hormone when it comes to regulating our appetite and signalling the brain that the body’s existing fat stores must be used for energy. The hormone is produced in our body’s fat cells. It is a critical part of our hormonal system.

An imbalance in leptin will automatically disrupt several bodily functions which depend on the presence of these hormones and its functions. Leptin is directly connected with weight gain among most people.

Discovered in 1994, leptin has seen been researched by scientists to understand its functions and importance in our body. It is a part of a network of regulatory hormones that signal the body on energy consumption. The hormone works by sending signals to the leptin receptor in your brain. It tells the brain that the body’s energy requirements can be met with the help of the fat stores in the body instead of having to consume more food for the body’s energy needs.

When leptin levels are low, your body feels hungry and you automatically crave more food. On the other hand, once you have had a meal, the fat cells release leptin which signals the brain that you are full. As a result, you do not feel hungry any longer. Till the time these functions are carried out normally, you will not find yourself gaining unwanted weight.

As already discussed in Leptitox review obese people suffer from what is known as leptin resistance. It means that the body does not recognize the leptin hormone, which means that it no longer knows how to regulate its food intake. Since there are no signals passed on to your brain when you are full, you end up craving food without realizing that you already have enough food and fat stores for your body’s energy requirements.

It usually happens when the levels of leptin in your body rise beyond the usual level. This leptin imbalance has an effect very similar to insulin resistance among diabetics. While normal levels of insulin are important for the body, diabetics end up with unusually high levels of insulin because the body develops insulin resistance.

When you start over-eating, you may end up feeling guilty about the large amounts of food you eat. This triggers your body to look for comfort and, in most cases, you get back to food as a form of comforting yourself.

Causes of Leptin Imbalance

Leptin imbalance is linked with high levels of EDC in our body. EDCs tend to disrupt the functions of our body which depend on hormones like leptin. These chemicals greatly impact our overall health and affect hormones like leptin. As a result, your leptin receptor is unable to receive signals from the leptin hormones.

Your body eats more because it does not realize that it is full, and the fat cells release more leptin into the body. So, you end up with abnormally high levels of leptin in your body, which are unable to perform their function of sending a message to your brain that your body is satiated and its energy requirements can be met from the existing fat stores.

Some of the common EDCs which find their way into our system are:

  • BPA – Short for Bisphenol A., BPA is an industrial chemical used widely in plastic and resin products. They reach your system through foods and beverages stored in plastic containers. This includes water bottles.
  • TBT – It stands for Tributyltin, which is also a harmful chemical found in paints. Research related to TBT showed that it was directly linked with leptin resistance.
  • PFOA - Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA is found in Teflon-coated products. Food cooked in Teflon cookware tends to have small amounts of PFOA, which eventually reach your body and can disrupt several endocrine functions, including the balance of leptin hormones.

How does Leptitox Work?

Leptitox consists of natural ingredients mainly obtained from plants. These ingredients work together to fight a wide range of EDCs and to support the digestive system. As already mentioned in Leptitox review, some of these ingredients even help you reduce inflammation and support healthy organ functions. Additionally, many of these ingredients are rich in antioxidants. They reduce the number of free radicals in your body, helping you improve overall health. Lastly, some of these ingredients cleanse the liver and the digestive system for better functioning of these organs.

Most of the Leptitox reviews even talk about how users didn’t just notice weight loss but also enjoyed improved overall health for their body after taking the supplement. It does not require you to exercise regularly or skip meals or avoid certain food groups.

Leptitox results

Leptitox Ingredients and Dosage

Leptitox dosage is clearly mentioned in the instructions which come with the bottle. You must take two pills are day with a big glass of water.

There are a total of 22 natural ingredients used in Leptitox which provide the supplement with its potent abilities to flush out toxins and improve your health. The ingredients are listed and explained below in this Leptitox review:

Marian Thistle

Apium graveolens seed


Grape seed


Chanca Piedra 

Taraxacum leaves




Burdock Root 


Chicory Root



There are 8 more ingredients which work to flush out toxins and improve overall health.

Pros and Cons of Leptitox


  • Addresses the problem of obesity at its root – In this Leptitox review, I mainly wanted to know how it can work for the many customers who buy it to support their weight loss programs. Since Leptitox uses the blend of 22 ingredients to help leptin and leptin receptors work effectively again, it directly impacts your weight loss efforts and has visible Leptitox results.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee – You have a no questions asked money-back guarantee that you can rely on when you purchase Leptitox. This shows that the manufacturers are confident about their product.
  • Provides users with added benefits based on their purchase – If you purchase 3 bottles of Leptitox, you will receive a free bottle of a colon cleanse supplement which can improve the healthiness of your colon. When you buy 6 bottles of Leptitox then you receive two free bottles of colon cleanse.
  • Support overall health – Many of the ingredients used in Leptitox have added benefits. Some are rich in nutrients while others are rich in vitamins which are useful for the body.


So far, the Leptitox reviews UK have not talked about any problems or concerns with the supplement. There is no negative aspect of using the supplement since it has a lot of natural ingredients which help in detoxifying safely and at the same time support overall health.

How to use Leptitox? Is there any side effects?

Leptitox dosage is very easy. You take two pills every day along with a big glass of water. For best results, it is advised that you take the pills in the afternoon to improve your energy levels and improve weight loss.

So far, the Leptitox customer reviews do not report any problems with the pills. It uses natural ingredients which improve body functions and help you fight leptin resistance. There are no side effects of using the supplement.

It is however advised that people who currently suffer from any medical problems or are on medication should first consult their healthcare provider before starting the Leptitox dosage. This is to reduce any chances of drug interactions. Your provider should be able to tell you if any of the ingredients of the drugs you take may intervene with the ingredients used in Leptitox.

Where and How to buy Leptitox?

You can buy Leptitox supplements from the official website only. This ensures that you buy the right product from the right manufacturers. If you are thinking of Leptitox where to buy, then this is the only place to get the original product.

The manufacturers do not sell this through physical stores or any of the online stores like Amazon. This is the reason why you may not be able to find Leptitox reviews Amazon either. You can, however, find a lot of Leptitox customer reviews on independent platforms for example I came across some Leptitox reviews reddit had.

Once you are on the official website, click on the ‘Buy Now’ option under one of the three purchase offers. You can choose to buy a single bottle, 3 bottles or 6 bottles through one purchase. Based on your choice, you may also be eligible for certain discounts or bonuses. When you click on ‘Buy Now’ you will be taken to the page where you can enter your details and make a payment to complete the order.


The main aim of this Leptitox review was to find out if the supplement is safe and effective for detoxifying the body and helping you lose weight. To learn about this, I got into the background of leptin and found out details about the Leptitox ingredients. Since it is a proprietary blend, I do not have information on the quantities of each ingredient used in the supplement, but I can tell you that these ingredients are natural and safe.

Each of these ingredients plays a role in improving your body’s ability to fight obesity either by restoring your organ functions or by supporting them. Leptin is still a hormone which is being researched. It was discovered in 1994 only and scientists are still trying to identify how they work in correlation with other hormones, receptors and body functions.

But it has been concluded by all scientists that leptin resistance is the major driver behind obesity. When your body does not know when to stop eating, it finds itself caught in a loop of craving for more foods to feel satiated. Leptitox can clearly support the need for your body to flush out toxins, causing leptin resistance and restore your internal health.

All Leptitox customer reviews have discussed how it positively impacts their eating habits and helps users overcome the constant need to eat more food. With more and more junk food being served on our dinner tables, it is only necessary that we are aware of the things that make us obese and take necessary steps to remove such food items from our diet. But since this requires a major lifestyle shift, leptitox is a safe and effective way of detox for your body to help the leptin hormones regain their functionality.


Is it safe to use leptitox?

What if it does not work for me?

How do I know that I am leptin resistant?

Are there other ways to reverse leptin resistance?

Can I buy Leptitox from my local pharmacy?

Dr. Shin Fen Chow is an American Board of internal medicine certified doctor and a dedicated and diligent internist serving the community of West Orange. Dr. Chow obtained her medical degree from the University of Columbia and then completed her residency in internal medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. She is a part of BHMG- center for Asian health and received many awards and scholarships like Dr. Charles F. Hamilton award in pulmonary medicine and Mead university scholarship from Columbia University in 1991 and 1987 respectively.

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