How Can You Cure Diabetes Naturally Without Medication?

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A pretty serious disease like diabetes is surely difficult to cure. Although most of the diabetic patients can only reduce its impact on their life, some of them can cure diabetes through simple lifestyle changes that can possibly bring high blood sugar levels to healthy and normal levels.

 It is important to remain consistent in the efforts taken to reduce the blood sugar levels as the symptoms can reappear any time in a diabetic patient.

How can you cure diabetes naturally without medication



“Don’t just wish for a good body, work for it” is something we’ve all heard of. However lazy you might be, find time to move your arms and legs. Exercising brings in so many health benefits that devoting some time to it is definitely worth it. It helps your muscles take up glucose for energy, and increase insulin sensitivity. You don’t need to do heavy workouts that would cramp legs, but activities that are fun like dancing, biking, swimming, etc can be considered as good exercises.

Choose low carb diets

Low carb diet

Carbohydrates provide glucose to your body. When the sugar regulating hormone, insulin, does not function properly, the cells cannot take up this glucose which leads to high blood sugar levels. Since a low carb diet contains less carbohydrates than the average diets, it altogether reduces the blood sugar levels thereby reducing the impact of diabetes.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is extremely important in diabetic patients as it is proven that increased thirst is an early symptom of diabetes. When the blood glucose level is high, it reduces the body fluids which leads to dehydration. Hence, you need to drink an adequate amount of water to make sure that your body has fluids to drive out the excess sugar.

Eat foods with low glycemic load 

low glycemic load

Glycemic load is a term used to indicate the effect of carbohydrate on your body. Lower the glycemic index, better it is for diabetic patients. This is because foods with low glycemic index increase sugar levels slowly (at a reduced rate) when compared to foods with high glycemic index. This is to be taken care of, especially in individuals with diabetes.

Go for the fiber-rich ones

fibre rich

Some of the fiber rich foods include oatmeal, papaya, grape, oranges raisins and sweet potatoes. Fiber rich foods can help reduce the blood sugar levels. They can reduce the need for taking in additional medications for diabetes. Certain studies have proved that intake of fiber rich foods have indeed resulted in controlled blood sugar levels. Also, the individuals even showed reduced cholesterol levels, which is an added health benefit.

Manage stress

Manage stress

Stress can have a considerable impact on the glucose levels in your bloodstream. This is because stress releases a lot of hormones which, in turn, can result in imbalanced hormone levels. It tends to increase hormones like adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. Mental and physical stress can equally contribute to these problems. Hence, it is important to manage stress and anxiety (even if you don’t have diabetes) in order to properly regulate the blood sugar levels.

Sleep tight

Sleep tight

A normal sleep cycle is important in all individuals especially in diabetic patients. This is because poor quality of sleep can directly increase the risk for diabetes. It triggers hormones that can lead to weight loss and obesity. These health issues are well known risk factors for the occurence of diabetes. Always remember that both the quality and quality of sleep matter. If any one of these is compromised, it affects the metabolic functioning of our body.

Do not forget Chromium and Magnesium

Chromium and Magnesium

Low levels of magnesium are often seen associated with “insulin resistance”. Also, it is noted that individuals with diabetes often showed lower levels of magnesium when compared to a healthy individual. Magnesium has numerous health benefits other than the regulation of blood sugar levels.

Chromium can also reduce insulin resistance and has other health benefits like increased cardiovascular health. Since chromium can only be taken in small amounts through diets, chromium supplements are available for individuals with diabetes.

Monitor blood sugar levels

Doctor making blood sugar test.

It is imperative that you visit your doctor frequently to monitor the blood sugar levels. This is because you need to take appropriate action based on the status of sugar levels in the bloodstream.


In short, the above mentioned are the different nutrients you can include in your diet to increase the chances of curing diabetes (or reducing its impact). But it is important to keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure. That being said, try to eat low on carbs and don’t let your sugar cravings get to you. Good health.

Dr. Julia Hermos is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, an organization that seeks to develop doctors’ interpersonal skills and a Bariatric physician. She received her medical degree from the State University of Newyork. Dr. Hermos has a master’s degree in education and was a teacher for many years. Now she joined the Medical counsel team to provide effective communication through her articles and reviews. She encourages her patients to ask questions on their queries. So feel free to go through the articles in this blog and share your thoughts using the comment section available in all pages.

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