Muscle building

Health Benefits Of A Muscular Body For Gain Muscle For Better Health

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Muscle building has been associated more with bodybuilders or athletes. Most people do not realize the health benefits of it and view it as an unnecessary or unneeded step for weight loss.

Health Benefits Of A Muscular Body

Health Benefits Of A Muscular Body For Gain Muscle For Better Health

Weight Loss

Metabolism is directly proportional to the body muscles, which allows more energy to be available to the body. Hence more the muscles, more the metabolism and results in more fat being burnt, even without any extra exertion. The higher muscle content can also decrease fat deposited on organs called visceral fat which does not easily reduce despite dieting or exercising.

If you are looking to burn a few pounds of fat, chalk up a new physical regimen. The resultant muscle you will gain will help you to lose the fat much more easily over the course.

Physical training builds up and strengthens the muscles, bones, and ligaments of the body, as well as reduces or recovers from injuries like broken bones, tendon sprains, and tears. Also, the risk of injury in competitions or daily activities can be minimized. You can also lift, push, pull, or perform physical activities with no/minimal help from others. You will have less fatigue, less stress, more stamina, and more endurance. The muscles preserve and maintain healthy bone density.

People with good body shape and/or well-toned abs are looked upon with envy. That is, of course, a direct benefit of muscle building where you will look good and as a result, feels good too. Improving Physical appearance is not just for you but for other people as well. Your posture, self-image, and self-confidence also improve as a side effect. You can fit into and wear any clothes.

People who do regular physical training have less risk of getting a disease than other people. The lower fat will reduce the risk of cholesterol, blood sugar problems, heart disease, stress, and obesity.

A better muscular body will indicate increased testosterone which in turn influences better bone density, muscular strength, and mass, facial and body hair, increased red blood cell production, sex drive, and sperm production.

High muscle mass helps to moderate insulin in the body immensely which is extremely helpful for diabetics or those in the pre-diabetes stage and may even help in preventing diabetes.

In general, exercise always produces good sleep. A regular physical routine will give you a good night's sleep while your body recovers from the training.

How to Go About Building Muscle Mass?

There is no need to turn yourself into a bodybuilder to increase your muscle mass. Just include more proteins and calories into your diet.

The proteins build and maintain muscle. Include at least 1g per 454g of body-weight. That is around 200g/day if you weigh 91kg. The best way to get this amount is to eat a whole protein source with each meal like red meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, tofu, seeds, nuts or lentils, legumes, soy, vegetables, and grains.

One will need to eat a little more than usual since you will require more energy to build up your body.

Drink lots of water as any physical exercise will cause water loss through sweating which can impair muscle recovery. Drinking water prevents dehydration.

Go for Strength Training which will improve muscular fitness by exercising a specific muscle or muscle group against external resistance like push-ups, pull-ups, planks, or Free Weight Training like squats, deadlifts, and presses. A skilled trainer could guide you through all of this.

Instead, you could also work out your muscles in other ways which will push it to the limits of exhaustion, like rigorous yoga, Pilates, or swimming.

Dr. Shin Fen Chow is an American Board of internal medicine certified doctor and a dedicated and diligent internist serving the community of West Orange. Dr. Chow obtained her medical degree from the University of Columbia and then completed her residency in internal medicine at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. She is a part of BHMG- center for Asian health and received many awards and scholarships like Dr. Charles F. Hamilton award in pulmonary medicine and Mead university scholarship from Columbia University in 1991 and 1987 respectively.

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