Best Diabetes Programs and Books

Diabetes is a medical condition that may occur at any point in life. The number of people affected by this condition is drastically increasing day by day. In a worldwide survey, it is noticed that around 422 million people have diabetes. If you are a diabetic patient, your body either doesn’t make enough insulin or can’t utilize the insulin your body makes.

Best Programs and Books For Diabetes

This chronic disease can be controlled through a healthy diet, regular physical activities, maintaining normal body weight, etc. if it becomes uncontrolled, the condition is known as Hyperglycaemia and over time leads to serious damage to nerves and blood vessels. Let’s know more about diabetes, it’s treatment, etc. through this article. 

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a group of diseases that results in high blood sugar. In medical science, diabetes is referred to as diabetes mellitus. Glucose is the main source of energy for your body and it comes from the food that you eat. Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas that helps glucose present in the food to get into the cells and tissues to deliver energy for your body tasks.

Sometimes, the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or your body doesn’t make use of the insulin produced by the pancreas properly. At this time, the glucose stays in your blood and doesn’t reach your cells. Having too much glucose in your blood causes diabetes. This may lead to many other serious health problems too. The majority of the people with diabetes are not aware of their conditions and symptoms and the early diagnosis may avoid serious diabetes complications. 

Types of Diabetes

The most commonly found types of diabetes are type 1 and type 2. 

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is the most severe form of diabetes and around 10% of the people suffer from it. Even children and teenagers are affected by this type of diabetes. So, it is also known as juvenile diabetes. As already mentioned, insulin is the hormone that helps to breakdown the glucose present in the food to get into the cells and tissues. Sometimes, our body’s immune system may attack the islet cells (cells that produce insulin) present in the pancreas.

This attack of the immune system leads to the type 1 diabetic condition and is known as an autoimmune disease. If you left untreated and if once these islets are destroyed completely, then your body can’t produce insulin anymore. This may lead to an uncontrolled build-up of sugar in your blood and damages the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and heart. 

Type 2 Diabetes

Most people with diabetes have type 2 diabetes and it typically affects people above 35.  So, it is also known as adult-onset diabetes. Unlike type 1 diabetes patients, people with type 2 diabetes can develop their own insulin. Like normal people, these insulin hormones produced by the islets cells helps glucose to enter into cells and tissue.

But the cells create insulin resistance and won’t allow the glucose to enter into them. Symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes are similar, but the causes are different. Type 2 diabetes is mainly caused due to overweight and obesity.

Is There Any Permanent Cure For Diabetes?

There is no permanent cure for diabetes, but it can go into remission. Type 1 diabetes can be treated by taking insulin injections. But the amount of insulin to be injected depends on factors like food, exercise, stress, emotion and mental health of the patient. These factors change a lot each day. So, it’s very challenging to take a precise amount of insulin.

Cure for diabetes

Diagnosis and treatment for type 2 diabetes improve the ways of using insulin by your body. Diet, exercise and weight loss are commonly practiced treatment methods. But, neither type 1 or type 2 diabetes goes away from the patient permanently. Even though you can’t cure the condition through medication, you can avoid many worse health issues through different lifestyle changes. 

What Are The Best Diabetes Programs To Check?

Many exciting online programs are now available to reverse diabetes. Here are some of the highly reviewed among them.

Halki Diabetes

Halki Diabetes is an online program to get rid of type 2 diabetes created by Eric Whitfield and Amanda Feerson. The program brings out a set of guidelines that helps you to remove those toxins which produce insulin resistance in your body.

They will provide you with meals, recipes, and exercises to help you control your blood sugar. The ingredients present in the salad dressings that you eat in this program contain nutrients that protect and repair cells against oxidative damage caused by Particulate Matter(PM 2.5).

Diabetes Freedom

Diabetes Freedom is a program to manage blood sugar levels and it delivers many other health benefits too. It is an ebook that has many characteristics that put it forward as a trustworthy product and that may be quite helpful for your health also.

The most important feature of the diabetes freedom ebook is that it does not force you to take any chemicals or eat any harmful foods that can increase your levels of sugar or harm your health. It also provides many tricks and tips that can help you get freedom from diabetes based on extensive scientific research.

Big Diabetes Lie

Big Diabetes Lie is a very helpful program for people who want to get rid of insulin shots and medicines. The ebook provides steps to reverse diabetes naturally. You can reverse your type 2 diabetes if you follow the right strategies provided in the book.

The book also provides information about the foods that cause inflammation and the foods that you should eat to reverse diabetes. You can also learn how to lower your cholesterol and the ways to reduce your food cravings. authored by Claire Kerslake is a sponsor of MedicalCounsel is put together by a team of doctors who have specializations in diabetes care and treatment, and health coaches who have been guiding and helping diabetes patients for the past couple of decades.

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