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Brain Training For Dogs Review: Will This Guide Make Your Dog More Obedient?

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This is the most unbiased Brain Training For Dogs review. Brain Training for Dogs is a useful training guide in the form of e-book and videos to enhance the growth of your dog’s brain.

Further, these growth procedures will result in stimulating the dog’s mind in such a manner that it will lead to an increase in the dog’s intelligence. This product also offers techniques to make your dog more obedient by understanding how quickly do the dogs respond to the commands and instructions of the master.

This brain training for dogs by Adrienne farricelli offers the methodologies provided by her to produce this renowned, efficient, and effective brain training for dogs book. It is created after considering various processes, standards, and systems. She was able to bring forward this informative and instructional Brain Training for Dogs PDF along with many exciting brain games for dog training and several obedience videos as well.

Before getting involved in the rating system, it would be better to learn about the methods and training programs in this Brain Training for Dogs review.

At the end of this Brain Training for Dogs review, you will also be confident in deciding whether this product of brain training for dogs is worth being invested upon or not.

Brain Training For Dogs Overview

Product Title Brain Training For Dogs
Language English
Author Adrienne Farricelli
Category Dog Training
Price $47 (Discount Applied)
Official Website Click Here


  • Make your pet obedient
  • Enhancing the intelligence and behavior of the dog
  • Effective training designs
  • Inexpensive
  • Money back guarantee

While you continue reading this Brain Training for Dogs review, you will get to know how the incredible e-book and videos will help you give your dog a brain review. Subsequently, this can be done with the assistance of the training methods based on “Foundation Style.” This training method is known to be on par with the current national level of K9s brain training.

Even though any renowned association has not acclaimed the methods, but this training program is observed, producing effective results in a limited period. The obedience style of training is responsible for the significant findings in the growth of personality and brain stimulation of dogs seen all around the globe.

Therefore, it’s time to move on with the Brain Training for Dogs review, to give you more clarity on how it could be beneficial not just for the dog, but for the owner as well.

Read Complete Brain Training For Dogs Review


Why it’s Important to play with your Dog or Puppy?

According to a recent survey from Bristol University, it is conclusive that a dog’s well-being is very much dependent on the number of playful activities. The survey was based on nearly 4,000 dogs on their owners. Out of those 4,000 dogs, all the dogs suffered from behavioural issues who weren’t engaged in any kind of play. Further, the issues with the dog’s behaviors showed signs of aggression and anxiousness.

Moreover in this Brain Training For Dogs review, it was also found out that less involvement of dogs in playful activities results in too much of jumping, whining, and being unresponsive to their names. Eventually, following the survey, scientists from all over the world have started to agree with the relation of dog’s playtime with his happiness and positive behavior. For making dog owners more aware of this situation, it’s been decided by the Channel 4 network to release a documentary with the name ‘Dogs: Their Secret Lives.’

Here is a list of the benefits of spending more time playing with your dog as per Brain Training For Dogs review.

Maintaining Mental Fitness

Helps in Countering Pet Obesity

Prolonged Play Sessions

Features of the Brain Training For Dogs Book

Now, it’s time to look at the features of the product in this Brain Training for Dogs review Here, are the four primary features:

The Example Lessons

There are two example lessons in the Brain Training for Dogs e-book. Subsequently, the first lesson is called ‘Target’ and the second as “Look into my eyes.” Considering the name, it’s evident that the first lesson focuses on the procedures to be followed to have a precise target like the nose, temple, or paw.

Then the owner should reward the dog for the accomplishment of the target or identification of the part of the body. The second lesson can also be related to its name, "Look into my eyes," as this section is designed to teach a dog to develop a laser beam focus into the eyes of the owner. This is crucial, especially for expanding the attention of your dog and making your dog more effective in following your instructions.

Advanced Lessons

You will have a stronger bond with your dog, and your dog will become more skilful by following these advanced lessons. And, these advanced lessons are designed in a way to boost your dog's agility and thinking skills.

Bonus Behaviour Training

The author provides you with a bonus book to let you deal with your dog's behavioural issues properly. It emphasizes on improving the overall behavior of your dog by eliminating all the bad habits.

Play with Your Dog

As an owner, you can try playing the free Airplane game with your dog. For playing it, you should download the available PDF and follow the instructions and guide your dog, respectively.

About Brain Training For Dogs Creator - Adrienne Farricelli

The creator of this beautiful product of addressing the dog’s mental growth is Adrienne Farricelli. She is not a fraudulent woman, and neither is her product Brain Training For Dogs a scam. Subsequently, for deciding whether to invest in your money or not, it is legit for you to have a clear idea about the credibility and credentials of the creator.

You will find many Brain Training for Dogs reviews, which will not give you ample information to know the facts about the product and the creator. In this Brain Training for Dogs review, you will get to know the reasons behind the assurance of the credibility of the outcome of the creator as well.


Adrienne Farricelli currently lives in Arizona and works as a professional dog trainer, certified by CPDT-KA. She is content with her contribution towards the field of Dogs Training Obedience, and it won't be wrong to say that she is living her dream by promoting the wellbeing of dogs very passionately all over the globe. Further, she is behind the development of a lot of amusing games for dogs. Adrienne has been given recognition in several prominent magazines like Everyday Dog Magazine and USA Today.

Before deciding to publish the book called Brain Training for Dogs, she has already worked in several places like a veterinary hospital as an assistant, behavior consultant, and a certified dog trainer, as well. After all the experience in the given field, she decided to put them into a single direction. Hence she came up with the idea of producing an e-book for dog's training and ensuring the wellbeing of all the dogs all over the world. Adrienne has been a proud dog owner for more than a decade and has always been keen on adapting to various training methods and games for enhancing the intelligence and behavior of her dog. 

Adrienne has been advocating friendlier training procedures since the days of her being a behavior consultant. She has also been involved in writing several blogs and articles, regarding the training methods, on Ehow, Nest Pets, Hubpages, Paw Nation, Daily Pub, and many more. Therefore, it’s evident from this Brain Training for Dogs review that this product is not a scam, and you should opt for learning by getting into brain training for dogs login on Adrienne Farricelli’s website and follow the training procedures for the wellbeing of your dog.

What is Inside Brain Training for Dogs Training Course?

There are three primary things inside the Brain Training for Dogs program. They are:

  • The e-book consists of particular dog training methods. This is available in PDF format and covers 328 pages in total.
  • There are 21 videos that consist of games and sign language for you to follow and teach your dog, which will result in making your bond with the bond more durable than ever.
  • You will also get an additional PDF containing 89 pages, which focuses entirely on the behavioral training of your dog.
brain games dog training

How does this Brain Training for Dogs works?

As mentioned earlier in this Brain Training for Dogs review, the training procedures do not involve in any forceful activities. Subsequently, they are only based upon building the trust and bond between the dog and the owner.

All that’s needed for a dog owner to follow the training manuals are the attributes of patience and consistency. And, eventually, you’ll start observing the behavioural changes in your dog. The program guarantees you with effective training designs, and it will be worth every penny of the buying amount.

Does Brain Training for Dogs work?

It is imperative for you to know whether this product is worth your money and the methods are worth your time or not. Therefore, this Brain Training for Dogs review will help you get through this dilemma by letting you know the framework of this program.

Initially, the program begins with the introduction section, which is followed by the lessons of Obedience. Adrienne ensures the effectiveness of the training techniques by advising to use a few props, which will be helpful while training alone.

Then you get to follow the Preschool module after Obedience. This makes the foundation built in the previous two modules, even more reliable. Preschool is supported by the modules of Elementary, High School, and College, these modules work collectively to boost the motivation, patience, and self-confidence of the dog, along with making the game funny and exciting.

According to Brain Training For Dogs review, Following the module of college, you move to University and then eventually to the last stage, known as Graduation. The concepts of the University module is on an advanced level, but at the same time, the formats are straightforward for a dog owner to follow. Lastly, the Graduation level focuses on enhancing the agility and power of determination of the dog, which will result in your dog performing some extraordinary tricks.

Therefore, the step by step module and uniquely designed methodologies guarantees effective working of the procedures and enhancing your dog’s wellbeing and the relationship.

Brain Training for Dogs Modules

As we all know, dogs are the most amazing and intelligent creatures of the universe. The dogs are considered as the most loyal animal due to their positive behavior towards their master. But some dogs are not smart enough so that they will listen to their masters and obey the instruction.

If you are a dog owner and receiving all these lousy behavior from your dog, you must give your dog a brain review treatment. First of all, as a master, you have to know the modules on which you will train your dog. The online courses are available with the Brain Training for Dogs reviews, which will be usefull to eliminate the bad behavior from your dog.



Module 1 is the first step or foundation of an online dog training course. In this module, the master will know the tips and tricks to teach the dog how to improve the brainpower to become super obedient on your every instruction.

This module inculcates the tips that are given below:

  • The module 'Target Train' helps to keep the dog's attention on your command and gesture. You can ask it to turn off lights or ring bells, open the doors, etc.
  • Build a super foundation of communication with the tips of 'magic little way' by looking into the eyes of the dog.
  • As per Brain Training For Dogs review, Another essential trick is 'airplane game,' which describes how to get the continuous attention of your dog by looking into the eyes.



After completion of module 1 training, the dog owner can follow module 2, which is a bit higher level training session for the dogs to improve the skill and sensing capability. So that the dog can perform accordingly when requires. Again, this module has three awesome tricks that include,

  • The tips and tricks of the 'treasure hunt game' describe how to transform your dog from boredom to an intelligent one for taking instant action to your commands.
  • The major important trick of this module is 'The muffin game' to keep your dog mentally stimulated and out of trouble.
  • Another amazing trick of module 2  according to Brain Training For Dogs review is 'The ball pit game,' which boosts the dog's physical stability and helps to work in a friendly manner with many fun and exercise activities.



Module 3 learning simply refers to the high school level training system for the dogs. With this module guide, the dog owner will learn how to develop the patience and impulse control within a dog with the practice of fun games.

  • With 'jazz up and settle down' fun game, the dog will learn how to settle down right after being hyped up.
  • Brain Training For Dogs review says that the 'bottle game' helps to boost the mental stability of a dog with fun activity as well as an exercise to improve the dog's behavior.
  • Showing the dogs greed for treats on the water level will reduce the fear of water from them.



With the module 4 online course, the dog will have the skill of concentration and improvement of ability. This module includes 

  • The shell game can help it to have desired mental agility.
  • It has open sesame game that helps it to develop calmness even if the door is left open as per Brain Training For Dogs review.
  • The magic carpet game is another good way to develop more patience in it.



After completion of module 4, you must have observed some good behavior in your dog. Module 5 learning will teach you how to control your dog on your commands. In this Brain Training For Dogs review, some of the major brain games dog training that are mentioned in module 5 that includes;

  • Tricks to improve the dog's patience and intelligence with the 'hide and seek' game. Hence a strong bond will create between the master and the dog.
  • Try to stop the dog's barking at other dogs or people with the tricks of module 5.
  • Learn your dog to improve the ability and build confidence within the dog with a 'hot and cold' game.



Module 6 is the graduation level training session for the dog, with which your dog will learn the extra curriculum activity, such as leg-weaving towards other people like your friends. With the brain training for dogs you can boost the cognitive ability of the dog by picking out toys with the name of dogs.



This module is the last and final level of the training session for your dog, even though now your dog is completely intelligent enough to obey the command. In module 7, you will find some more tips to make your dog behave properly with full sense to impress your guests.

  • You will get the instruction to play with your dog the 'tidy up game,' with which your dog will keep the place clean playing the activity.
  • Another simple, impressive, and useful trick is the 'ring stackers game' that helps to develop skill as well as patience.

All the modules mentioned above in Brain Training For Dogs review are really useful for eliminating the bad behavior from the dog and teaching them how to behave on which situation.

Pros and cons of Brain Training For Dogs

Well, brain training for dogs works effectively for reducing the bad behaviors from the dogs. It has many happy customers, and the author itself has trained thousands of dogs with her tricks that are mentioned in this Brain Training For Dogs review.


  • Brain Training For Dogs has many effective points and methods of fun gaming, which helps to increase the intelligence and patience within the dogs.
  • It contains many pictures for an effective training session that helps the reader not to get bored while reading the book.
  • It is available at the official website at the most affordable price.
  • This is based on the real-life experience of the author, who is a certified dog trainer and has trained thousands of puppies and dogs with these tricks.
  • With brain training for dogs member login, the dog owner can access all the information available at the online websites.
  • If any case you remain unsatisfied with the tricks of this review, you can avail of the money-back guaranty option.
  • After reading the Brain Training For Dogs review, it will be clear that if you have any doubt, you can ask the support system.
  • Apart from the improvement of the dog's brain with fun games, the reader of this book can also get the tricks for changing the dog's behavior
  • All the techniques of brain training 4 dogs are scientifically proven methods that have a great impact on the dog's brain.


There are hardly any cons as it is a very natural way to deal with cholesterol

  • The toys and items required for the fun gaming will not be given with the book, you have to buy it on your own.
  • If you don't want to spend time and money on reading the book, there is no alternative for you rather than watching videos for dog training.

Who will be Benefited From this Brain Training for Dogs program? 

The dog owners who have owned a dog with bad behavior will be benefited from the programs for brain training. This book really comprises several good techniques that help the reader in all positive manner to improve the behavior of a dog.

According to Brain Training For Dogs review, If you are facing problems with your dog's behavior like, doesn't listen to you, barks uncontrollably, pulling on the leash, being more aggressive gradually, digging all the time, jumping up unnecessarily and having a fear of particular sound effect or to some object, then brain training for dogs program is just for you.

Just place an order for brain training for dogs books, or you can check the brain training for dogs pdf for having all appropriate information regarding the puppy training and agility training. It is clear from this Brain Training For Dogs review, that this book is the one-stop solution to all your problems related to the dog's bad behavior and dog training system.

All the methods of this book are the results of 10 years of experience and research on scientific facts to control the dogs over command. This review will assist the dog masters, starting from the development of intelligence to patience using all senses to perform the right thing in the right situation.

How Much Does Brain Training for Dogs Cost?

When it comes to the consideration of pricing, choosing an experienced trainer for your dog will cost you more, whereas buying a brain training program will cost you less. Apart from this, sometimes, the author gives discounts up to 20% on the book. 

As a special launch price, you can get the entire dog training system at just $47 with the free bonuses. With just $47, you can access all the material, all the training videos, and the author's many years of training sessions.

Is Brain Training for Dogs Worth It?

Yes, brain training for dog programs worth the whole amount of $47, as the author allows access to all the materials and videos related to the dog training session step by step along with all amazing bonuses. A complete course for 60 days will give you the best risk-free service for controlling your dog.

Brain Training For Dogs review proves that all the secret information is based on the real-life experience of the author so, this is not at all a scam. If you remain unsatisfied with the secret tips, you can avail of the instant money-back guarantee option.


By analyzing all the terms, benefits, working, and pricing of the brain training for dogs Adrienne Farricelli reviews, here we conclude this Brain Training For Dogs review, that this product is not a scam. This gives amazing service to the dog owners those are facing problem with their dog's behavior.

It really works amazingly for controlling the dog's behavior with the greed of treat and fun activities. The author of this book describes the solution to all the problems, including jumping, potty training, barking, dealing with aggression, digging, impulse control, whining, excessive barking, chewing, ignoring the commands of the owner, hyperactivity, and many more.

This product has many happy customers, and it is highly recommended for people facing problems with untrained dogs. The creator of this book offers many attractive discounts, which the buyer will get at the official websites only. A dog owner must buy one book or pdf file to get rid of the bad behavior of the dogs.

You can also use the tricks of reward and appraisal in terms of the treatment to control the behavior of dogs over the commands only. And as already mentioned in the Brain Training For Dogs review, when it is the consideration about the pricing, the product is available at just $47, which suites to the dog master's pocket, whereas hiring a trainer for your dog will cost you five times more per hour of training.

With the 60 days, money-back guarantee option, you can get the refund of the whole amount if you are not get satisfied with the product information.

Dr. Julia Hermos is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, an organization that seeks to develop doctors’ interpersonal skills and a Bariatric physician. She received her medical degree from the State University of Newyork. Dr. Hermos has a master’s degree in education and was a teacher for many years. Now she joined the Medical counsel team to provide effective communication through her articles and reviews. She encourages her patients to ask questions on their queries. So feel free to go through the articles in this blog and share your thoughts using the comment section available in all pages.

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