5 Best And Painless Glucose Monitor For Dogs To Check!

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We all know that the human race gets in trouble with diabetes, heart disease, hearing disability and so on. Similarly, with pets especially dogs get these health conditions and diabetes is a condition that we need to look seriously into. They tend to deal with the hypoglycemia. They do not even understand things like we do.

So, let us take care of their health as God has given the ability to understand and solve problems. If we own a dog and is a dog lover then we will do the regular testing of our dog's blood sugar level. It keeps fluctuating uncontrollably as it does to us and cause several health conditions. Today we will discuss about 5 of the best Glucose monitors to check the diabetes level in a dog’s blood.

The market has numerous glucose testing tools but finding out the apt one that gives us accuracy must be researched and selected to get the best result. So, let's see a few of those Glucose monitors for dogs that might help you solve your dog's glucose level accurately.

Types of Blood Glucose Monitoring


Vet Mate Blood Glucose Monitoring

Vet Mate Blood Glucose Monitoring

There are a lot of blood sugar monitors for dogs and Vet Mate Blood Glucose Monitoring device is a perfect one I would like to suggest. Vet Mate is the recommended brand for pets and it is regularly used by people owning pets especially dogs. You will find accurate results and there will not be any confusions.

You can compare the test results of Vet Mate Blood Glucose Monitor with any other device and you will know how perfectly this device works to help your pet’s regular glucose level testing. Both dogs and cats will benefit from the benefits of this product. At one time you will be entering data of 4 dogs and 4 cats into the system and store them to check for any future glucose fluctuations. You will easily be able to calculate the increase or decrease in the blood sugar level and do the needful. This is because of a high memory capacity this device is advantageous about.

Vet Mate Blood Glucose Monitoring has an excellent battery charging option that supports up to 3000 tests to be conducted and can store 500 test results. Vet Mate can measure up to a range of 10-600 mg/dl, within 5 seconds of time. There is an LCD to show you the level of glucose.

 Blood Glucose Monitoring device does not need any coding and has a button for strip injection. It has a 5-time alarm setting option and has compatibility with VetLogTM pet diabetes controlling software.

The Fair thoughts

  • It has a strip injection button that will be helpful.
  • The software can add a maximum of 4 dogs and 4 cats data.
  • The alarm will remind you with a beeping sound where you will not forget to check your dog's glucose level.
  • The storage memory can add up to 500 samples of tests made.
  • Test strips are replaceable

The Unfair thoughts

  • Comparatively pricey
  •  Only 50 test strips are available with the pack.
  • Replaceable strips  are very costly


Pet Control HQ

Pet Control HQ

The Pet Control HQ Blood Glucose Monitor comes with a complete set of starter testing kit. This will help your pet’s blood glucose level monitoring easy.

The device allows you to test the sugar level fast and it is a reliable device that provides a QUICK RESULT. A 0.5ml drop of blood is essential to sample whether the glucose level is over or under a stable level.  All you need is 5 seconds to get your pets glucose level checked.

The use of premium GDH enzyme collaborating test strips are also supported in this device and it is packed in a temperature-controlled container. This will give you accurate test results each time you test a sample. The device is regarded as one of the easiest and simplest devices to use as your pets won't feel the pain or irritation when we are testing them.

The device has an operating button that helps you take the blood of your pet from anywhere, inner ear, inner lip or anywhere. You can use the device at home or outside, whichever is convenient for you to use.

The Fair thoughts

  • Simple and easy to understand and use
  • You get a starter kit along with the device
  • Not expensive while comparing other devices
  • You will get results as fast as in 5 seconds
  • Comfortable as it is pet friendly to use
  • The Unfair thoughts

  • No test results saved for future reference.
  • Sometimes a vet needs to be called for calibrating the device.
  • Only has 50 test strips.
  • 3

    Advocate Pet Test Blood Glucose Monitoring

    Advocate Pet Test Blood Glucose Monitoring

    The Pet Test Advocate Glucose Levels Monitoring device is a superb glucose meter for dogs. Your pet’s glucose level can be tracked with the help of this outstanding and user-friendly device and hence it is an essential tool for taking care of pets.

    There is a button that helps you choose the testing to be done on a cat and also a dog. So while testing a dog, you need to select the concerned option. The meter accuracy is brilliant and helps you with prompt results that will be received in 5 seconds.

    The product is viable to be used at home, veterinary clinics or for any lab purpose. No coding needed to get your accurate result very fast and easy. All dog species can be tested and it works on them well. The best thing is that a sample of 0.3 blood is all it takes to get your pets glucose level test results.

    The device reminds you with 4 times daily alarm to check your pets sample testing.

     The device can store up to 400 tests results that have additional information about the date when the sample was tested and also the time when the sample testing was done.

    The Fair thoughts

  • Saving 400 test results is its unique feature
  • Date and time of the samples can be stored in the device.
  • Affordability of the replaceable strips as it's not pricey
  • 4 daily alarms can be set as a reminder.
  • The Unfair thoughts

  • You only get 50 test strips with the pack.
  • It only indicates glucose and no other information.
  • 4

    Ever Paw Gluco Ht111

    Ever Paw Gluco Ht111

     EverPaw Gluco HT111Plus comes with a large screen which gives easy compatibility for users with pets. You can choose the monitor option for cat’s horses or dogs easily according to your preference.

    The device is very helpful with its additional features like Pre/Post meal recognition of your pet and daily alarm reminders that will keep beeping 4 times at different times.

    EverPaw Gluco HT111 also offers accurate and reliable test results. The most astonishing part is that it needs only a minute 0.7µL blood sample to get the exact and unbiased test result of your pet, whether it is a dog or cat. The use of premium GDH enzyme collaborating test strips are supported in this device, packaged in a temperature-controlled container. This will give you an exact and accurate test result of your pet.

    Whether it is for home or a lab or a veterinary clinic you can use it well and accurately without any problem. The support team will provide with any assistance you have if you have no idea about setting up the device or if you have to troubleshoot the device in case any error occurs. The 24/7 assistance team will be at your help any time you need support.

    The device has a unique hygiene strip ejector to dispose of used test strips of pets by a simple button. This option is something different and it keeps the product a stand out one from the rest.

    The Fair thoughts

  • One of a kind unique and cheap glucose meter for dogs.
  • Availability of the replacements is simply affordable.
  • Has a hygiene strip ejector.
  • The price tag is below $25 which is reasonable.
  • 24/7 customer support team that is reliable.
  • The Unfair thoughts

  • calibration is required for the device to run
  • The inaccuracy of the results was reported by a few of the users
  • 5

    Alpha Trak 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    Alpha Trak 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System


    Lastly, we have a device called the AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit. This one is meant to help users who own cats and dogs as pet. While testing the glucose level of your pets, the device will provide accurate test results.

    Alpha Trak2 is very easy and compatible to use device. It will only use a very little amount of blood sample of the pet and gives you positive results instantly through the 3 easy steps. You need not worry at all as the results will be perfect and correct. It uses only a small blood sample of 0.3 µL (micrometre). This is considered as the smallest ever blood sample quantity taken to test the results.

    The device ensures a comfortable time while testing is being completed. The device measures the blood and takes the drops in mg/dL with an extended testing range of 20-750 mg/dL.

    Alpha Trak2 has an auto switch on/off feature for faster testing. The system it has is quietly advanced that it keeps the test tracks and reports meter readings, treatments, and every other important activity related to the pet. So, you can have almost every health information about your cat or dog. The device weighs around only around one pound.

    The Fair thoughts

  • Patented lancets use very less blood from pets.
  • Veterinarians recommend the device due to its consistency.
  • The smallest blood sample is taken to give you an actual accurate result.
  • Portable glucometer for dogs and cats
  • Only 6 seconds needed to give you the positive test result
  • Affordable price tag
  • The Unfair thoughts

  • Lancet Calibration is needed for the device to work properly and effectively without any hassle
  • A vet has to calibrate this device.
  • Confusing to use around hairy dogs.
  • Points to remember while purchasing a glucose monitor for dogs

  • The first important point that we need to keep in mind is regarding blood needed for the test. Every device to test glucose will require a different amount of blood sample to test. All the details will be found along with the product description. If your dog is not calm, then it is better to choose a glucose monitor that will require the least amount of blood and does not hurt the dog.
  • Lancing devices are the important thing that we need to focus on. The pain suffered by your dog will be immense as selecting the painless device will be the next thing we need to consider so that it does not do much damage to the dog while doing their sample test. So, the glucose measuring monitir must have a lancing device that does the blood collection most calmly and easily possible.
  • Test result timing is also an important aspect we have to consider. WE must choose a glucose meter that tests blood in a very short time. Along with the perfect and quick timing, there must be accuracy also involved in this testing process so there will be an errorless result we get.
  • When there is a good customer support team to assist us after we buy the glucose monitor, then we must proceed to buy a device as such. Although it is not necessary it is highly recommended to have an after-sales support service available to help our requirements. We will require to configure the device or troubleshoot the device if it does not work. We could ask a vet doctor to help us with our need.
  • The next thing we need to put our focus is on the strips we will need regularly when we buy the glucose monitoring device. All strips do not match all devices and there are price variations. We will need to do this testing process continuously and so we must be buying a device that does not cost us a lot for the strips as the strips are to be replaced every time it is used for testing. Affordable test strips are viable for a long run and we must check if the strip is suitable to be used in a device that we own. Sometimes wrong strips will suit but will not give accurate results.
  • We must calibrate the device so that we get an accurate test result. Vets can help us with the calibration process. Third part laboratories do calibration and an accurate calibration will only provide us with an exact result. If the glucose monitor is to be used, then there is nothing to worry too.
  • Dr. Patrick Ryan is an experienced and dedicated pediatrician. He became a part of Medical counsel to provide the best medical and health care services for your child. Patrick Ryan started his career as a pediatrician back in 1995. He is an avid writer and provides a caring and compassionate service that is focused on your child’s individual health care through his articles in this blog.

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