4 Beginner Tips Before You Start To Exercise

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What every dietitian and physician will always suggest alongside a healthy diet is a good exercise and fitness regime.  Having a daily exercise routine in a  person’s lifestyle is a great and beneficial choice.

4 Beginner Tips Before You Start To Exercise

Not only does exercise help reduce excess weight but also ensures that the body remains in its optimal performance.
Exercise is a vital part of a person’s life and aids in the avoidance of any unwanted bone and muscle problems in the later years of life and old age.

Beginner Tips to Consider:

If a person is starting with an exercise routine and is a beginner by all means, then he or she should consider applying these following tips before committing to the exercise routine to bring out the most from the routine.

Do Not Aim Too High Too Fast:

beginer tips

People often get overconfident about their abilities and how much their body can withstand. When starting out with any exercise regime, the body will need to start off small. Having a high-intensity workout right from the get-go will put a strain on the muscles which it cannot handle. This is why choosing the right type of exercise is crucial. 

If the person is a beginner, then he or she should start with something small and comfortable. This will make the muscles to get used to the sudden change in stress and will allow a smoother transition into more intense exercises later without causing severe muscle fatigue.

As the person slowly progresses with his or her daily exercise workout and gets used to the first routine, they can move to heavy exercises and lengthen each rep. Slowly increasing the difficulty in small increments is the ideal way to get quick and visible changes from the exercise routine.

Know What is Needed:

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A person should not just randomly select any exercise or combination of workouts and commit to it. There are different exercises of different intensity targeting certain parts of the body. The two main reasons a person may choose to start exercising is either to become slim and lose weight or to build muscle mass. Without knowing what exercise is for what, the person may find to have no desired benefits and at a time can face problems due to incorrect exercise routines.

Age is also a great factor when it comes to choosing which type of exercise regime a person wishes to undergo. The older the age, the more lenient the exercise he or she needs to consider.

Different exercise practices help different parts of the body like the arms, legs, abs and other such parts. But there is no single exercise routine that covers all areas on improvement. So before starting, it is essential to know which area to begin with and from there how to progress top other parts using different exercises.  By having a proper mix of exercises that fit the person’s needs and physical capabilities, he or she will be able to achieve an overall development at a relatively fast rate.



A common mistake beginners make when starting out with any new exercise routine is not doing warmup starches, stretching before exercise help in loosening the body and prepares the muscles for the workout. Skipping warmup stretches can lead to muscle fatigue and tears, which can hamper the overall progress. By doing warmup stretches, beginners will be able to better pick up on their newly scheduled exercise plan.

Healthy Diet:

Healthy Diet

No exercise is ever genuinely effective without the appropriate diet. One of the most important beginner tip before starting to exercise is to have a stable and healthy diet. Establishing a healthy and balanced diet will allow the body to gain the most from the exercise routine. During workouts, as the body burns fat, the muscles regularly experience minute tears.

This is the reason why when starting out to exercise, people tend to feel sore all over and their muscles pain. Proper rest and nutrition are required for these tears to heal till the next phase pf exercise when the muscles re-experience these tears.this constant tearing and healing of the muscles through exercise and rest is what allows the muscle fibres to become strangers incrementally and helps build muscle mass.

For this purpose, having a proper diet comprising the proper foods is essential for a proper exercise session for beginners.

These are some of the basic tips for beginners who wish to start exercising. Following these will help optimize the outcome of the chosen workout.

By making sure that beginners follow these tips before workouts, future exercise plans can become a viable option to be incorporated into one’s day to day life.

Dr. Julia Hermos is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, an organization that seeks to develop doctors’ interpersonal skills and a Bariatric physician. She received her medical degree from the State University of Newyork. Dr. Hermos has a master’s degree in education and was a teacher for many years. Now she joined the Medical counsel team to provide effective communication through her articles and reviews. She encourages her patients to ask questions on their queries. So feel free to go through the articles in this blog and share your thoughts using the comment section available in all pages.

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